Why Reputation Marketing has a place in Personal Branding

Personal Branding begins with Reputation Marketing.

Job-seeker, Entrepreneur, Realtor, or Local Merchant; Reputation Marketing makes your brand.

Reputation Marketing.

Is your handshake Golden? Reputation Marketing TEEM LLC

The digital world of business! We love the speed, we love the availability of information, we love the global reach. What we don’t love, struggle with, and even occasionally curse at, is the speed, the availability of information, the global reach. The digital age has allowed us to purchase a rare coin from half way around the world, and allowed employers to rate our resumes and qualifications based on often cryptic and obscure keywords in fractions of a second never to see human contact. The digital age has allowed us to meet people from all corners that we would never have come in contact with, and given those same people the ability to easily post rumor and falsehoods.  The thought to take from this? There are several clichés that I could use, analogies like “buggy to auto” or “radio to television”. however the real thought behind this is “You still need to be found, as a job candidate, a business owner, service provider, or growing entity”.

The notion that you can get lost in the new media age is more than a notion. However the notion that you can’t get found without being a digital marketing genius is also with its flaws. When it comes down to it, and you can see the trends in how social media is evolving, it is still about people connecting with people. in business it is people looking for skills connecting with people who have them.  So are you all saying enough of the SM101?  Me too. so where is this going?  I’ll Tell You

One of the biggest marketing buzz terms these days is “Reputation Management”. Does that intimate, There Is Already A Reputation Problem? Maybe, maybe not but the thought crosses your mind doesn’t it. At TEEM LLC, we believe that by taking your good name from the beginning and using that as the foundation for your social engagement you create true organic following. This approach creates a known brand culture which cultivates both social engagement and social loyalty.

The process of reputation marketing is nothing new. We can call it digital “Word of Mouth” or even brandcasting in a very basic framework. Combining well-integrated social, audio and video content, engages fans and followers are compelled to share your story in their words to others looking for you, your product, service, or expertise.

Everyone has a story on the internet. Don’t try to manage your online reputation,  market it, it’s your story waiting to be written. Reputation Marketing from TEEM LLC.

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