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Where are you headed, Fame or Notoriety?

Do fame and notoriety have the same definition on social media?


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Notorious or Famous, is there a difference?

With the reach of social media today, events and happenings that would have been lost in the conversations around the water cooler, now become global viral phenomena. What we use to discuss behind closed doors now finds its way to the public walls of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. There is one thing about social that cannot be denied. There are some very unabashedly transparent people on social media. Remember social media has a very long memory.

Another honor social media can claim is the creation of many people who would not likely have been famous, or in many cases notorious. There are days we at TEEM, LLC wonder if there is even a definitional distinction between the two on social media. How often do we see something and say really, or how stupid. Yet we watch it share it, and help it to become the next trending topic.

Fame or notoriety, are they equal in the eyes of social media. Glorification of thuggery and stupidity seems more the norm.  Good deeds or great talent do appear and occasionally reach viral status though in what seems to be disproportionate in numbers.

As we cited earlier, the internet has a long memory. Potential employers remember, ever more, so do law enforcement, collection agencies, spouses and exes. Before you share that drunken brawl, breaking and entering, or other stupid human trick. ask yourself, Is this what I want my social media legacy to be.

The line between fame and notoriety on social media is very thin, walk it with care. Fame and notoriety are still at different ends of the spectrum in our opinion here at TEEM, LLC.

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