Pool Fence, A Family in Need and a Precious Donor are Precious Moms

Pool Fence, A Family in Need and a Precious Donor are Precious Moms

Precious Guardians First

Precious Guardians First Pool Fence Donation Day Jan22, 2013

A pool fence, a family in need, and a Precious donor are now Precious Moms. You will soon find out what Precious Moms is all about but first let me tell you a little story.

The first ever donation and installation took place on January 22, 2013 at a family home in East Mesa. Approximately 4 days previous, Arthur DeKarski was representing Baby Barrier of Arizona and taking part in an estimate for a Baby Barrier pool fence. Upon doing the estimate at the Gutierrez home, through conversation it soon became apparent that the Dana Gutierrez and family has recently saved their house from foreclosure. Yes , the financial hardship of this family is part of this story, but the reason for the pool fence estimate is what really grabs the attention.

Dana Gutierrez and her husband were blessed to have with them 3 teenage children. Their ages are 14, 16, and 17. Now this is where a pool fence becomes really important, even more important than just having one around your pool in general. This family has been blessed with 18 month old Sophia who is a beautiful little girl I might add. With Sophia in mind, there were no other options other than to have a pool fence installed.

After the bid was put together, the family soon realized that there was no way that a pool fence was in the budget after just saving the house, but there was still a need to protect this family and little Sophia. For Arthur, there was no reason that this family should not have the protection of a pool fence.

Precious Guardians and the Beginning of Precious Moms

Precious Guardians

Precious Guardians Non-Profit

With a family that has an 18 month old running around and in need of a pool fence at the same time, Arthur knew what needed to be done. Arthur and Debbie DeKarski Co-Founded a Non-Profit organization by the name of Precious Guardians. It is this exact foundation that was going to find help for the Gutierrez family. Arthur put a request out for a hero to step forward. He stated that a hero was need to help this family protect themselves from a possible life threatening accident. Arthur stated the facts about what was needed and within 20 minutes of that request going out, Tiffany Jones became that hero.

Tiffany Jones at one time had an experience where she was incredibly lucky as well. At a family gathering with plenty of adults, other children, and family pets around tragedy could have struck Tiffany and her family if it were not for one of the pets. Tiffany’s daughter had slipped by all of the adults, out the dog door and was on the patio before the dog alerted Tiffany to what was going on. There was a pool outside without  a pool fence around it. If it were not for the dog barking at her daughter, who knows what may have happened.

This is why Tiffany Jones did not hesitate when it came to being a hero for the Gutierrez family. She saw that someone needed help and after knowing the feeling of having a pool without a pool fence and little Sophia running around and it was like second nature to her.

January 22, 2013 and the Meeting of The Precious Moms

Dana Gutierrez and Sophia

Dana Gutierrez and Sophia

Tiffany Jones

Tiffany Jones Realtor

On The Day of the installation of the Gutierrez pool fence, Tiffany Jones and her family came to meet Dana Gutierrez and her family face to face. It was truly a special moment to see the both of them together and one has to come to realize the caring nature of these two wonderful women. After meeting them first hand I now know that both of them are perfect advocates for what Precious Guardians is doing.

While there was a KPHO News 5 Story and a FOX 10 News Story as well , Precious Guardians wanted to make sure that it was known how special these two women really are. Both of them had approached the Organization with the intent of helping to spread the word about what Precious Guardians is doing and with the help of true heroes like this, Precious Guardians is sure to get the word out. On January 22, 2013 , Arthur DeKarski and Co-Founder and Co-CEO Deb DaKarski presented Dana and Tiffany with each with a beautiful pendant that represents part of the Logo for Precious Guardians and coined them with the first ever Precious Moms.




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