WIN With The Women’s Information Network And Their Upcoming Event

WIN With The Women’s Information Network And Their Upcoming Event

“The Women’s Event Of All Women’s Events”

Women's Event

The WIN Event With Paula Fellingham And The Women’s Information Network


Paula Fellingham, The creator and CEO of The Women’s Information Network is a Mother,Grandmother,Author,Doctor, And leader in the Networking and Business world. Paula created the WIN in 2009 and since that time it has grown into 152 countries around the globe. It is the fastest growing global women’s organization in the world. The Women’s Information Network and Paula Fellingham is proud to be hosting the Women’s Event of All Women’s Events along with 1000 other events around the world in 2013.

The main goal of The Women’s Information Network is to Strengthen women and families worldwide through education, enlightenment, and entrepreneurship in an effort to eradicate illiteracy, poverty, and hunger and increase the level of love, prosperity and peace on earth. With the collection of skilled coaches, motivators, and professional women that are involved with The WIN, much can be offered if you are involved with The WIN and its new membership opportunities. Value is of the greatest priority and the WIN will truly be helping to develop women from all around the globe.

The upcoming Event in Salt Lake City on January 25-26th will host a wide variety of guest and featured speakers and offer tons of valuable information for it’s guests to take in. Some of the speakers that will be there are Paula Fellingham herself along with Marianne Williamson, Sharon Lechter, Kathleen Niew, Carolyn Cooper, And Judy Wright. All of these women are admired greatly in the professional world.

Here is What you Can Expect To Get From This Event

FRIDAY, Jan. 25th

Learn how to:

• Be a Powerful Leader in Your Family, Community, Business
• Master Your Finances and Financial Mindset
• Get on the Inside Track of Crowd Funding (#1 Expert will Speak)
• Use Today’s Best Online Tools and Tricks to Get Known Quickly
• Use Powerful Strategies to Jump-start Your Business and Go Global! 
….and much more!

Saturday, Jan. 26th

Learn how to:

• Be a Powerful Influence for Good and Attract the Exact Right People
• Radiate Joy and Confidence; Release Yourself from the Past 
• Make Money Doing What You Love
• Be as Beautiful on the Inside as You Are on the Outside
• Take Your Talents Global (to strengthen women worldwide)
    …. and much more!

Seating is limited ~ reserve your seat now

Only $97 for two full days; includes lunch both days
Only $47 for one day; includes lunch



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