Precious Guardians Non-Profit Safety Advocate Officially Opens

Precious Guardians Opens the Doors to Help Save Lives Because Not Having Enough Money is Still Not a Good Reason For Accidental Death

Precious Guardians

Precious Guardians Non-Profit

Precious Guardians is a non-profit organization and an advocate for safety. Precious Guardians is now officially open and hopes to be a major reason the statistics associated with accidental death or permanent injury are drastically reduced or almost eliminated. Precious Guardians as an organization believes that no child, adult, or pet should die a tragic an unnecessary death due to the fact that it was not affordable enough to protect themselves.

All to often there are deaths or tragic accident that could have been avoided by doing simple things. Precious Guardians will not only help to educate people and communities on such things but at the same time they will provide solutions to hazardous situations to the families that qualify. Precious Guardians cares about life. The lives of children, families, and their pets can not be replaced and if a preventable hazard causes injury or death, the effects can be tolling. When bad things happen, the ones who care the most can be burdened by guilt, heartache, become depressed, angry or even worse. In some cases the pain does not stop there. If such an accident occurs and proper measures were not taken before hand to prevent such a thing then the financial burden could literally leave you at more of a loss than you already would have.

Precious Guardians is really a non-profit organization for everyone. The information that they will share with the public will truly open the eyes of every one. First and foremost, Precious Guardians initial reason for forming was the fact that so many children are drowning. It is avoidable and the phrase “My kids know how to swim” is not a reason to fore-go a proper pool barrier around your pool. There are usually no second chances when it comes to these hazards and accidents. With the help of its business sponsors and donations, Precious Guardians can educate the public and community leaders and start to demand that proper laws be put in place and enforced so that these tragedies are not as likely to occur. Precious Guardians vows to help save lives and make the community safer all together.

Precious Guardians is For Pool Safety, Pet Safety, And Home Hazard Prevention


Precious Guardians mission is to create an organization that works closely with homeowners, communities, and local officials to identify, address and resolve accidental death hazards around the home and in the neighborhood before they become deadly. Precious Guardians will be an advocate and a resource for education, and resolution of hazards such as accidental drowning, accidental fire, electrocution, and safety for all members of community including our family pets.

Precious Guardians Preferred Solution Specialists

  • Baby Barrier of Arizona – Gate And  Pool Barrier Specialists. (49 Year Safety Record Holder)
  • Home Hazard Prevention/ Fire and Home Hazard Prevention Specialists (Fire Fighter Inspectors and Specialists)
  • Az Pool Dogs/ Dog Safety Training and Exercise For Back Yard Pools ( Pet Lovers and Safety Specialist)

A Note From the CEO and Co-Founder Team Arthur and Debbie DeKarski

Arthur and Debbie DeKarski

Arthur And Debbie DeKarski CEO and Co-Founding Team of Precious Guardians

Precious Guardians Pendant

Precious Guardians Logo Promo Pendant

For January, with every $100.00 donation we will send you this beautiful charm that is part of our logo. It is  925 sterling silver, .94 inches wide, 1.1 inches tall, and .25 inches thick. It is a very nice way to show that you have supported the efforts of Precious Guardians… “Every Pool; A Fence”  To help us with your $100 donation and receive this beautiful charm, please go to our donation page,  pick the one time donation choice and enter $100 and your pendant will be delivered to you. 

Thank You,

Art and Deb DeKarski 

Co-Founders and CEO team of Precious Guardians

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