Cody Wanser – you left all of us better people – Thank you for sharing.

Cody Wanser’s story will touch you.

For those who knew him, his life will always be an inspiration.


Cody and Dawn Wanser. what a pair.

Cody and Dawn Wanser. what a pair.

I met Cody Wanser about a year and a half ago. Cody’s mom Dawn is Co-founder and CEO of A Caretakers Wish. She and I met over short conversation on LinkedIn, and subsequently we have worked together on and off in support of A Caretakers Wish. Honestly, Dawns drive and commitment to her cause and her infectious personality had me committed to a Caretakers wish before we even met face to face. I had no idea what I was in for, and she knew it. Soon after online intros and networking small talk, i had the pleasure of picking up some fliers for one of her upcoming event. That’s where it happened. I had the honor of being introduced to Dawn’s sons, Cody and Jacob. I have had introductions  to people who I knew I was not prepared for going in and few that have thrown me a curve, even when feeling adequately on my game. This introduction

Cody Wanser - 5 years old

Cody Wanser – 5 years old

was over the top in so many ways even though I thought i knew what was coming. You see I knew the story of these young men before meeting them. Both born health bounding boys, bright and full of the hope we all have. Growing and being boys was all they had to care about. Long story short a rare dystrophic event and both boys afflicted with it. The story continues and is a great story, told very well by Dawn. I hope you will take the time to read it when you can. This however is as far as I am going on this story line. The real story is Cody Wanser.

Cody Wanser, 20 years young, in a broken body for better than a decade, never lost his awareness to the world he was apart of. I was captured by his gaze every time I was near him. He knew I was there. He would look at you, engage you, smile, and you knew he was talking in his way to you. His connection was a powerful thing. You could feel it. If you looked away to speak with Dawn or her husband Kevin and Cody was still engaging you, you could feel it. Cody, I still feel it my friend. I knew you through your heart, the sense of awareness you promoted in all of those you touched. I will miss you, but I know you know I will never miss your presence. No one who ever knew you will forget the fighter, the lover, the angel that has been called home. Thank you my friend, you taught this old man many a lesson in a very short time.

Loss of a loved one leaves a hole in our heart. Let the light they gave you shine through it. That it what is there for. Jim Earl.


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