Getting Outside Social, Listening To What’s Going On.

Why getting outside the noise is key to social listening Having had the privilege of growing up in Colorado all my life, a fair amount of my time includes being in the outdoors doing what Colorado … [Read more...]

Campfires, smores, and social media. It’s still in the storytelling!

Storytelling, the Not-So Ancient Art of Information Exchange From the earliest cave drawings and petroglyph's to modern 3D blockbusters, Storytelling is eternal. The art of storytelling is as old as … [Read more...]

This Must be Marketing 101 Because 202 Don’t Smell Like That!

Marketing 101 Basics... Trying to Disguise SPAM Does not Make it Less Spammy. From time to time we come across situation as marketers or professionals in our niche that don't quite sit right. Well … [Read more...]

Social Partnerships – They Just Make Social Sense

Social Partnerships are a great way to be more engaging. Here is a quick question for our small and medium size businesses and entrepreneurs.  Do you know what your nearest business people do? Trick … [Read more...]

Social 101: Mastering Fundamentals Is Key to Making it to The Big Show

Without Mastering Fundamentals You Will Be a Spectator of The Big Show:Social 101 Mastering the proper fundamentals in anything that you do is really the key to great success that you will have after … [Read more...]

Content Engagement and Responding to Reader Opinion

Content Engagement and Responding to Reader Opinion Content engagement and responding to a reader reply can be something that is very rewarding for both the reader and the provider of that content. … [Read more...]

LinkedIN Groups Underused. Add Them to Your Mix

LinkedIN Groups Underused. Add Them to Your Mix LinkedIN groups are underused. Add them to your mix. LikedIN groups are a great way to connect to a targeted niche in your industry. You can … [Read more...]

Social Media -VS- SEO….. Just Shoot Me Now

Social Media -VS- SEO..... Just Shoot Me Now Social media versus SEO. As a business owner do you really know the importance of either in today's online world? A large percentage of business … [Read more...]