Getting Outside Social, Listening To What’s Going On.

Why getting outside the noise is key to social listening Having had the privilege of growing up in Colorado all my life, a fair amount of my time includes being in the outdoors doing what Colorado … [Read more...]

Hunting Sports Socially Disconnected Online.

Social nature of hunting sports doesn't transfer to social marketing. The shooting sports and hunting industry in the U. S. is healthy and growing annually. Here are a few figures presented - January … [Read more...]

Digital Real Estate, Reaching Realtors Everywhere, Buyers, not so Much

Digital Real Estate  - use social media to create community first. Buyers are one social media, so are Realtors. So why don't they find common ground. Real Estate continues to go digital, on-line, … [Read more...]

Social Media Tips For Engagement …Be Yourself

Let People Know about The Real You Be Honest without Failure! If you lie to your Audience, They Will Know. Be Giving and fans will Give Back Be Unique, there is only one You!   We … [Read more...]