Baseball and Business – Who’s keeping score?

Are you mindful your audience is keeping score? And do you know how to use it to engage? As a long time and "old school" baseball fan, this is the sport I am engaged in, I am keeping score. Yep, … [Read more...]

Reputation Marketing Precedes Reputation Management

Reputation Marketing Precedes Reputation Management   Reputation marketing precedes reputation management.Have you as a business or entrepreneur thought about doing marketing for your … [Read more...]

Reputation bares repeating – Brand your bragging rights.

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Why Reputation Marketing has a place in Personal Branding

Personal Branding begins with Reputation Marketing. Job-seeker, Entrepreneur,┬áRealtor, or Local Merchant;┬áReputation┬áMarketing makes your brand. The digital world of business! We love the speed, … [Read more...]