LinkedIn Company Pages losing Feature.

Company Pages on LinkedIn losing Product and Services tab By Alex Charalambous In case you haven't heard the latest news, the LinkedIn Products and Services tabs on company pages will be removed … [Read more...]

Social Endorsements cheapen your brand. LinkedIn Endorsements.

Social endorsements to a colleague or provider could be killing their credibility. LinkedIn social endorsements have been around for sometime now. The hope was to provide a convenient place for … [Read more...]

TEEM, LLC on Fame and Notoriety on social.

Where are you headed, Fame or Notoriety? Do fame and notoriety have the same definition on social media?   With the reach of social media today, events and happenings that would have … [Read more...]

LinkedIN Groups Underused. Add Them to Your Mix

LinkedIN Groups Underused. Add Them to Your Mix LinkedIN groups are underused. Add them to your mix. LikedIN groups are a great way to connect to a targeted niche in your industry. You can … [Read more...]