Virginia Treat,Mom, Model, and Mrs Idaho? Maybe!!!

Virginia Treat Revisited….

Virginia Treat – Featured artist of the month keeps us updated in whats been happening 

Might have been easier to tell you what hasn’t been going on in her life.

Here at TEEM, LLC, we like to keep up with whats going on with our featured artists. We had heard some really good things were going on with Virginia Treat, a mom, actress, model, entrepreneur, etc., from Boise ID. She was kind enough to send us this great update and some of her new work. not only is she showing us some great looks but the photographers are doing nice things as well.

Virginia Treat head shot

Photo by Hope Shots Photography

The past few months have been a whirlwind of new adventures for me. Not just with modeling but with my career and life in general. With regards to modeling, I have been working with some new photographers in Boise, expanding my portfolio and learning. It has been rewarding going beyond my comfort zone and trying new things. I feel that even in this short time, I have grown. I am posting new pictures all the time on my Facebook page.


Photography by Analisa Ravella

This upcoming year is going to be very busy for me. I have just been named Mrs. Garden City and will be in the running for Mrs. Idaho America 2014. The pageant will be in Nampa, ID in November. More information can be found here: Mrs Idaho .com, along with sponsorship opportunities. If you want to assist in my journey – I would love your support. Mrs. Idaho America is a part of the Mrs. America Pageant, which is now in its 37th year, celebrating the dreams and goals of one of America’s greatest natural resources, married women. The winner of Mrs. Idaho America will go on to compete with 50 other women representing each state in the union and the winner will step onto the world stage representing our country both at home and abroad. I am so excited and honored to be a part of this wonderful opportunity, not only to find even more effective ways to be a part of my family’s community but to give myself a new personal challenge while modeling positive life choices to my children.


Photography by Cliff Marks Jr. Photography

All the while, I am working to provide a comfortable, loving environment for my family. My husband, Jeremy, is very supportive and helps me out so much with my busy schedule. In addition to my full time job at a performing arts venue, I also run a part time marketing business, Treats Marketing Solutions, working to help local businesses be successful in their online marketing efforts. I also have a great team that ensures that my clients receive what they need, and that helps out a lot.

This coming year will be full of adventure and new experience. Just what I like! I look forward to sharing more of what is to come, but for now, you will just have to wait and see it unfold.

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The staff at TEEM, LLC want to thank Virginia Treat for her time and contribution. We hope all our fans will take a few minutes to check out the photos for more information on the photographers and Virginia’s Facebook page as well.


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