Social Media -VS- SEO….. Just Shoot Me Now

Social Media -VS- SEO….. Just Shoot Me Now

Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons

Social media versus SEO. As a business owner do you really know the importance of either in today’s online world? A large percentage of business owners out there today could just look at this and say ” Just Shoot Me Now”. The truth is that these two important components of online marketing need to be done correctly, but the problem is that no one will usually take the time to explain the benefits of either in the correct way. It always seems to be the opinion of the SEO company or the Social Media company that is trying to bag another client.

The benefits of SEO and Social Media even when done in the correct way may not have the impact that a business owner desires. Many factors come into play here of course. Factors such as product, reputation, branding, target market, and ultimately the ability to pull business from the online world into the real world. Unless your business is completely immersed as an online business of course. Keep in mind, that there still has to be a voice and an overall feeling behind your business and your brand.

Is SEO Dead?

This is a huge question especially when it comes to a business owner. Lets face it, SEO has changed over the last couple of years. With all of the new updates from search engines, the changes from keywords to content, visual content and video now becoming a huge favorite in the way that we seek information, it could be seen as quite confusing to a business owner. Where do they go? What do they do? Most importantly, who do they rely on to give them the correct information about their specific niche in the marketplace and what would benefit them the most?

Some of the biggest changes with SEO that can be noticed is that it seems to be getting even harder to get that first page and keep it there for the keywords that you want. Especially the medium to high competition keywords. This trend may be pointing people in the direction of using the coat tails of the bigger review companies out there like Angie’s List. There are so many large stature companies out there that you can list with, when you go after individual keywords you just end up fighting those companies for the top spots in your niche.

Now it is time to answer that question! Is SEO dead? Just read the next bit of this post and it just might make you go “HMMMM”

Social Media Holds Hands With SEO

As hard as it may seem to understand for a business owner, social media and SEO still have to be dealt with or else business will lag behind the competition at best. What many businesses may for get though, is that even within the online world, the customer is the one that should dictate that. It has become very apparent that Social Media and the direction that it is going, plays a much bigger role with online business than anyone may have ever thought.

Just take a look at the new Facebook graph search. Really dig into it. If you dig deep enough, you will discover that it may have a big impact on your SEO. The use of @ and #Hashtags on the social platforms seem to be even more important than just something on Twitter that you never really understood in the first place. It Seems to be commanding some attention now doesn’t it? As a business owner,, trying to stay up with the latest trends on social media is tough, and I will bet the appearance of hash tags on Faceboook left some businesses feeling left out or behind the 8 ball.

You see? In the end, socialĀ  media platforms are also part of those bigger companies that you compete with on search engines. Search terms and keywords are just as important on social platforms as they are on Bing, Yahoo, and Google. So in essence, you are riding the coat tails of social to gain a presence on search engines as well.

To End with, just keep this in mind! You can not build a community or interact with them on a search engine. Get your audience on social media, interact with them, get to know them. The relationship is the most important part of business and if it is nurtured through conversation, feedback, and overall interaction, you are sure to have a stronger business in the future.

Stay Social…Your Audience Will Find You



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Morgan Brown is from Phoenix Arizona. As one of the Co-Founders Of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC ,Morgan adds value from a diverse background of sales, branding, and marketing experience. The sales background that Morgan comes from is the building industry which led to sales in the automotive industry. Through his years of experience he has learned that in business it is all about relationships and the trust that comes from those relationships is what makes sales and referral business happen. Morgan is a firm believer in the old-fashioned ways of business and the value that comes with it. He believes that starting off with a good brand, an honest and genuine approach, and a good firm hand shake will get you a long way especially when it is combined with today's new media marketing and branding techniques. As a sales and branding expert, Morgan began to study integration of branding and social media as well as different forms of internet marketing and has a strong knowledge of video implementation and Search Engine Optimization. Morgan and CEO Jim Earl had worked on some previous projects and eventually partnered together to put their collective knowledge to work with the foundation of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC.

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