Social Media is a Journey of Enlightenment

Social Media Engagement with Your Audience Will Enlighten the Path for the Next Part of Your Journey

Listen to what your audience is telling you. Social Media can not only be the right tool to add value for your fans and followers, but if you ask the right questions and listen to what your audience is saying to you, it may lead you right to where you need to go.

Teem Tip Social Media Roadmap to Success

Teem Tip Social Media Roadmap to Success

Some times as business owners, we get caught up in the routine of putting out content and keeping our audience entertained. When do we know that things change? Well if you are used to seeing a certain amount of responses to your posts, and then one day you notice that not as many are engaging, maybe it is time to start doing something different. If you do not see growth in the amount of engagement and sharing, maybe it is time to make a change.

One of the best ways to make a change and make it correctly is to get feedback from your audience. Ask them what they would like to see or know about. Maybe they want you to start using more video when delivering messages. Maybe they want for you to get more specific with messages and content. What ever may be the case, Ask your audience to help you with your future direction. They are always the ones that  are right.

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Morgan Brown; Co-Founder of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC

Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown-COO

I am the Co-Founder and C.O.O of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC. I am a father of two children, one boy and one girl who keeps me moving and shaking on a daily basis. My Family and the outdoors are my first loves, while social media and online marketing are a close second. I pride myself on always being a student of life, the industry, and the overwhelming urge to be as big of a “Class Clown” as possible where applicable.

About Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown is from Phoenix Arizona. As one of the Co-Founders Of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC ,Morgan adds value from a diverse background of sales, branding, and marketing experience. The sales background that Morgan comes from is the building industry which led to sales in the automotive industry. Through his years of experience he has learned that in business it is all about relationships and the trust that comes from those relationships is what makes sales and referral business happen. Morgan is a firm believer in the old-fashioned ways of business and the value that comes with it. He believes that starting off with a good brand, an honest and genuine approach, and a good firm hand shake will get you a long way especially when it is combined with today's new media marketing and branding techniques. As a sales and branding expert, Morgan began to study integration of branding and social media as well as different forms of internet marketing and has a strong knowledge of video implementation and Search Engine Optimization. Morgan and CEO Jim Earl had worked on some previous projects and eventually partnered together to put their collective knowledge to work with the foundation of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC.

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