Social 101: Mastering Fundamentals Is Key to Making it to The Big Show

Without Mastering Fundamentals You Will Be a Spectator of The Big Show:Social 101

Mastering the proper fundamentals in anything that you do is really the key to great success that you will have after you make it into the big show. With football season coming up, I want to take the chance to relate business, social media, and networking to the great sport.

Master the Fundamentals

Master the Fundamentals

With all athletes, especially the ones that are in the big show have all mastered the fundamentals of what they do. Running backs have certain fundamentals as do wide receivers and quarter backs. Linemen and defensive players all have a unique set of fundamentals that they use to all play in the big show.

Without these fundamentals, they would not be where they are today. If a star player starts to perform poorly, one of the first things that they go back to is the basic core principles and techniques that helped them get there in the first place. Business and social media is no different.

There are really no written rules in social media, but a basic thing to remember is that social media is social. Where most people may run into trouble with social media basics is that some may tend to forget that we are all still people dealing with people except we are socializing through a screen and keyboard instead of being face to face. There is no way to read body language, facial expressions, or pick up voice tones that help us read one another.

The same rules that apply out in public, apply in the social media world. Fundamentally, do not over step your boundaries and try to keep things as simple as possible when you are trying to communicate online. Most important of all, be yourself and have fun. The fundamentals will carry you through to be the best that you can be, and if you find yourself getting into trouble, go back to the basics.

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Morgan Brown; Co-Founder of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC

Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown-COO

I am the Co-Founder and C.O.O of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC. I am a father of two children, one boy and one girl who keeps me moving and shaking on a daily basis. My Family and the outdoors are my first loves, while social media and online marketing are a close second. I pride myself on always being a student of life, the industry, and the overwhelming urge to be as big of a “Class Clown” as possible where applicable.



About Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown is from Phoenix Arizona. As one of the Co-Founders Of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC ,Morgan adds value from a diverse background of sales, branding, and marketing experience. The sales background that Morgan comes from is the building industry which led to sales in the automotive industry. Through his years of experience he has learned that in business it is all about relationships and the trust that comes from those relationships is what makes sales and referral business happen. Morgan is a firm believer in the old-fashioned ways of business and the value that comes with it. He believes that starting off with a good brand, an honest and genuine approach, and a good firm hand shake will get you a long way especially when it is combined with today's new media marketing and branding techniques. As a sales and branding expert, Morgan began to study integration of branding and social media as well as different forms of internet marketing and has a strong knowledge of video implementation and Search Engine Optimization. Morgan and CEO Jim Earl had worked on some previous projects and eventually partnered together to put their collective knowledge to work with the foundation of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC.

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