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Reputation marketing is a tool that is sadly neglected in today’s new media marketing space. You often don’t hear about a businesses reputation til they are in need of “Reputation Management”. Even the sound of the words reputation management have a negative slant, implying a smear or bad review, that needs extraordinary attention for the businesses well-being. At Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing, LLC, we believe that a well planned “Reputation Marketing” plan implemented before the need for management arises is a better approach.

Reputation Marketing at TEEM LLC is built on five core ideas.

  • Building a rock solid online reputation for you, your business or organization is something that starts day one – so when the reputation rain falls we have your umbrella at the ready
  • Your reputation is the best marketing tool you have and leveraging your good name builds loyal communities that stick together – word of mouth whether local or global is still driven by reputation and community – use it!!!
  • Your fans, clients, customers, etc., want to share your good name. We  help you encourage them to do so and guide them along the way – real testimonials whether written or visual carry clout, video ten times that of written – we do video reviews that build your reputation.
  • You have, not only a solid reputation, but the tools at hand to address negatives, and leverage them into positives through your good name – content marketing including social media and video targeted at branding you in your digital community positions you as a community member not just a provider.
  • You and your business, organization, or non-profit become thought of as stewards of your community, your brand, your reputation, – allowing you to address and leverage negative posts and content to a neutral or positive position based on proactive engagement and resolution.




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