Tag Marketing, Turning Friends into Foes?

Tag Marketing, nothing new but evermore annoying!!!

Are you turning advocates into adversaries with your “TAG MARKETING”?

At TEEM, LLC we watch the trends and direction that online marketing is taking daily. Of late we are seeing an increase in what some are calling “Tag Marketing”. Unannounced tags that tie you to someone’s wall is spammy at best. It borders on being unethical at times. what becomes more concerning for us at TEEM, LLC, is the lack of understanding or caring when the issue is raised with some who use this tactic.

Use Tag marketing wisely

Tag Marketing with out buy in is spam

Recently being tagged on a post of a MLM opportunity video, I addressed the issue with the poster as to the purpose of tagging me? I was not given an answer. I instead was told that  I should be grateful for the tag because he is an authority on MLM opportunities and as such being associated with the post made me an authority too. My response, which was basically to ask, “As I know nothing about the posting or the company represented, how could I be considered an authority” and on top of that why would I want to be, when this MLM is not something I care to investigate. The answer from this gentleman? I quote ” You are obviously closed-minded and don’t understand internet marketing and social media. I am offering you free value by including you as a part of my inner circle and increasing your position as an authority in the industry”.  I wonder if he even heard my question?

I want to make it clear, I am not making a comment on affiliate or direct sales, or the marketing of such. This is the latest and most readily available example of this behavior on social media we have been directly a part of. Note we did not call it a social behavior.

Today, social media for business is about going to your audience, listening and responding. Building community and advocates. The behavior of creating a “Captive Tag” list and implying we are advocates of your business or opportunity is a dangerous practice. Captivating your audience with content they want to share is the end game, not putting people in the awkward position of unwittingly appearing to advocate an unknown.

Tag Marketing used correctly with consideration, thought, and communication can be very powerful. Take the time to notify and ask for participation from you list to be tagged. Sure it’s work but effective social media takes work, consistency, and planning. Why make you tag marketing  a crap shoot with random players?


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