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Promoted Banners that will be seen by more than just your target audience. We can build them, Copyright them, tweak them and split test if you wish, or anything else that you can think of when it comes to banners.  The banner is yours to promote anywhere at any time but as a marketing company we also have other outlets where you can place your banner ads. The sizes that are stated below are some of the more common sizes that Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC uses for our affiliated banner hosting sites. Pick your city in our network, pick a region, or pick a national spot. We are here to help you with your Brand-Casting Needs.


Our City Radio Blogging System

Banner Creation Starting At $55

Promoted On Site Banner Ads Start At $75 per Mo.

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At Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing, we are committed to the privacy of our clients and contacts. We value the information you share with TEEM LLC and we do not sell or share our contact lists with any other entity or individual unless under the order of a court having jurisdiction. Thank you again for being a trusted and valued part of TEEM LLC.


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