Valentines from A Caretakers Wish – What a heart needs.

Even Caretakers need a little time to share a quiet moment for Valentines Day.

A Caretakers Wish tries to help caretakers with every wish – even the ones we may not think about.


Do you know a caretaker, the selfless and often unseen members of our community who spend most every waking moment giving selflessly for a loved one who to some extent or another cannot care for themselves?

a caretakers wish

A Caretakers Wish

Chances are you do and there is an ever better chance with each day that you will either become a caretaker or need one. Personally, I know several including the incredible CEO of A Caretakers Wish, Dawn Wanser. I also know in the near future I will likely become one as my parents age and progress in that process.  The point is these loving and courageous people are all around us.. They don’t get much mention, not like the  foundations and groups supporting the actual illness, affliction or other abled condition. They just make sure that their loved one is given the best care possible.  Many people will feel a tug at a heart string or two when first thinking about it. Many more know someone I am talking about because they help as they can.  Then there is Dawn Wanser, CEO of A Caretakers Wish. we won’t go deep into her bio here; we encourage you to visit the website at

TEEM, LLC has been honored to be affiliated with A Caretakers Wish and will be sharing some of the great stories of caretakers who are given the opportunity to be taken care of even if its just for on dinner out with a spouse or friend or helping provide specialized transportation for a vacation that otherwise would not be possible.  One of the projects needing support currently is the Valentines Day Wishes, which allows caregivers a night off to spend Valentines Day with a loved one on the town.  This has been an ongoing program and your support would be greatly appreciated.

Currently A Caretakers Wish, like many non-profits are finding funding less available. this is particularly true with smaller, less mainstream organizations. Your donation would be greatly appreciated.

Click Here to see more about A Caretakers Wish


March is Wounded Warrior month

 Grant a wish for a Caretaker of one of Our Wounded Warriors.

A Caretakers Wish is also taking donations so they can grant some very special wishes for caretakers of the warriors who have come home wounded.


Wheels For Wishes

Annual Car show and Music Fest

September may seem like forever away but you won’t want to miss this show.



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