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TEEM talks Talent

We live in times where talent has never been so easy to share, yet much of the really good talent available is lost in the mass movement of data daily. While we don’t begin to think we as a new media marketing company can change this in a general sense, we do think we can help highlight great talent, or we would not do what we do. As such we are excited to be expanding our relationship with Our City Radio and our regional affiliates to highlight some of the great talent we come across in our daily adventures.

Beginning this week TEEM, LLC will be featuring a different local artist from around the region. We will be including musicians, groups, artists, promoters, actors, models, etc. If you know someone you think we should meet, let us know.

TEEM, LLC Featured Talent for December include Virginia Treat, ID. (Actress/Model), Laurie Maves, CO. (Artist/Live Painter) and Bootlegger, CO. (EDM Artist)

We have several talents who have been waiting in the wings and its time to present them to you and you friends.

Starting this week, Friday Dec 7, 2012, to be exact, TEEM, LLC will be profiling Virginia Treat. Virginia is not only an aspiring actress and model, she is a budding entrepreneur and full-time mom. We will introduce you to this inspiring woman and share some of her work in photos. Be sure to check back Friday for Virginia’s story.

We will be featuring Laurie Maves, Friday, December 14. Laurie, a well know local artist from Denver, whose unique perspective make her works interesting, though provoking and often evoking great emotion from the recipient. Laurie’s love for art is only shadowed by her love for people, oh and her dog. We’ll introduce you to this prophetic spirit her art and most of all her unique ability to reach out and touch so many through her live painting exhibitions and the resulting works.

Our final talent of December will be Bootlegger, EDM artist and local DJ., December 21st.  Bootlegger is a staple at Casselmans Bar and Event Center in NODO, Denver. We’ll be sharing a little about his history and coming up in the Denver EDM scene, get some insights into his plans for 2013, of course tell you when and where you can next catch Bootlegger mixing it with the best.

The staff at TEEM, LLC are excited to be implementing this ongoing introduction of talent. If you are a blogger and want to do a guest post about a new or rising talent contact us at info@teemllc.com

Thanks to the great talent featured this month at TEEM, LLC


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