Laurie Maves – Infectious Personality – Impassioned Soul

Lollipops, Poppies, Puggles, and Passion…

If you know Laurie Maves and you hear those four words strung together, there is little doubt she is the topic of conversation, and likely includes talk of her live painting events.

Laurie Maves has a special place in the hearts of many a Denverite, not to mention many special places on countless walls.

Laurie Maves Art.

Laurie Maves Denver Artist –

Laurie Maves: artist, philanthropist, visionary, sage, performer, ….. Presenting Laurie Maves, Denver Colorado, our feature artist of the week. Laurie Maves presents a unique challenge when trying to duly capture her craft, her niche, her genre, but not her spirit. Why? Laurie has so many talents and niches it would be unjust to attempt to describe her art into a niche or genre.  As for Laurie, unless the you settle on “unendingly passionate” you would fall far short in aptly capturing the essence of  Laurie’s infectious personality.

As with many of the artists we feature, we start out attracted to their work and find ourselves captivated by the story of their journey and visions of their purpose. A couple months back I had the profound privilege to sit down over a cup of coffee and share in the aura that surrounds this amazing talent. I have to confess, Laurie’s work has been something I enjoy and have followed well before taking the opportunity to meet her. That time was time I wasted getting to know this awesome woman.

Laurie’s life journey has been diverse and full of adventure, growth and she has captured every experience. You can just feel it as Laurie takes you on the ride with her. Laurie is quite comfortable sharing her experiences and travels that go into her every piece. Laurie tells us of her life long

Laurie Maves Poppies

Another signature motif – Poppies

love of art which led her into graphic design originally. Along the journey Laurie found a calling to service in various areas of the mental health niche, using her love and knowledge of art as a therapy method. This commitment to service has never left Laurie, and continues on as one of her

Laurie Maves and Her dog

Laurie Maves and Her dog

most shining assets. Laurie is often found creating and giving both her art and time to worthy causes. Laurie, you see, is not only an extraordinary artist who does both independent work as well as consignment art, but a performer and teacher. Laurie takes her craft to a new level with her live painting exhibitions, normally for a charity. Laurie has painted live in venues the likes of Red Rocks and with the likes of comic Josh Blue.

Writing about Laurie can take you down many roads. Laurie’s passion for Puggles could fill an album by it self. What ever road you find your self walking with Laurie, whether it be as an admirer of her art, an advocate with her in cause, or just a follower of her, often wisdom filled quips, she will get to you. In a great way of course but she will get to you.

We could go on for quite some time introducing Laurie Maves to you. We assure you, you will see more about Laurie here and elsewhere as her art and spirit continue to touch the hearts of her friends, fans, and the community which she reaches out to so unselfishly. In the mean time visit Laurie on Facebook and see more of her amazing painting and follow her Vlog

Visit Laurie’s studio on Sante Fe if you are in Denver at 773 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Colorado 80228

Stop in the first Friday of every month for The Sante Fe Art Walk

 And you can always see whats up with Laurie at

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