A “GOO” Christmas to You. Give the gift of Mr Magoo.

Tis the season sharing life, love and “GOO”d cheer.

Share the love and life lessons of Mr MaGoo and his Crew.

If you are looking for a new journey for the dog lover in your family you can’t go wrong with this story. Take a walk with Mr MaGoo, a proud little Laso with an attitude as big as a Great Dane and a heart bigger then that.

Goo Christmas

Mr MaGoo – Merry Christmas to You

If you have not met Mr MaGoo, Carla Mae, Buffy, Betty Boop, Gizmo,(since gone to Rainbow Bridge)  you should. Mr Magoo tells his story in the great book “Real Dogs Don’t Whisper”, co-written my their mom Kelly Preston. This is definitely a story that is for all ages and will not only entertain but teach new lessons of understanding, tolerance, building bonds, letting go, and most of all, just plain old love.

Kelly Preston has become an accomplished author along with being a renowned advocate for animals and those with special needs in particular. All of Kelly’s angels are and have been special needs pets. Kelly, a full time IT professional can be found in her off time working to promote her cause, and that of her colleagues. when she is not attending a book signing, she is at some other event for shelter animals, FACE, or other worthy causes she so selflessly supports. With all Kelly is involved in, it is a great help to her that Mr MaGoo helps her by keeping up on the monthly news letter and daily post on face book the a rife with great information and hilarity.

When “GOO” as wee here at TEEM, LLC call him, is not hogging the computer, Carla Mae might get a chance to sneak a post or two in. Carla Mae will tell you it is tough to get that done, with the newest member of the crew, Mini Me settling in. Take time to get to know these 3 and Kelly too. Make sure you follow them and their antics on Facebook and subscribe to Mr MaGoo’s monthly newsletter and meet his friends and followers.

Last but not least, if you are looking for a great book for that special someone, check out Real Dogs Dont Whisper. You will have to read it over and over. We at TEEM, LLC rate it 5 STARS.


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