Don’t Go Fishing For Likes

By Mark Lerner There have been many complaints lately about the lack of exposure that Facebook Page Posts are getting on followers' News Feeds. It's true that since going public, Facebook has made … [Read more...]

Photos Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media Magic, Photos Required. By Kate Huffman In today's very social world, it is easy to get lost in shuffle of the constant updates, status changes, and advertisements that have consumed … [Read more...]

5 Ways Women Drive Social Media

Why Women are Social Media Influencers and 5 ways they drive it. By Hannah Clark Brands have long known the importance of appealing to women. Studies show that the fairer sex are responsible for … [Read more...]

TEEM, LLC on Fame and Notoriety on social.

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Social Endorsements…Know Me Before You Endorse Me/3 Tips

Social Endorsements...Know Me Before You Endorse Me Social endorsements are something that can get you some clout and recognition for what you do. The question is though, are the endorsements that … [Read more...]

Heidi Totten steps down from TEEM, LLC for new adventure. TEEM, LLC

Heidi Totten accepts Executive Directorship at The WIN Heidi takes her career, expertise and drive with her to The WIN - (The Women's Information Network) PRESS RELEASE - TEEM, LLC - FEBRUARY 5, … [Read more...]

Pool Fence, A Family in Need and a Precious Donor are Precious Moms

Pool Fence, A Family in Need and a Precious Donor are Precious Moms A pool fence, a family in need, and a Precious donor are now Precious Moms. You will soon find out what Precious Moms is all … [Read more...]

A TEEM, LLC Christmas Wish from us to you.

TEEM, LLC and our staff wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday Season.   May your season be filled with love and joy, hope and goodwill. May friends be abundant and … [Read more...]

Why Reputation Marketing has a place in Personal Branding

Personal Branding begins with Reputation Marketing. Job-seeker, Entrepreneur, Realtor, or Local Merchant; Reputation Marketing makes your brand. The digital world of business! We love the speed, … [Read more...]