The Human Being Manifesto! Heidi Stingl Adams and Her Driven Purpose With Dignity, Honor, and Respect

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A TEEM, LLC Christmas Wish from us to you.

TEEM, LLC and our staff wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, and a¬†Happy Holiday Season.   May your season be filled with love and joy, hope and goodwill. May friends be abundant and … [Read more...]

A “GOO” Christmas to You. Give the gift of Mr Magoo.

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Be Your Own Social Media Magician

Be Your Own Social Media Magician Be your own social media magician while running your day-to-day life and business. There are gobs of videos and programs out there that claim to tell you that it … [Read more...]

Laurie Maves – Infectious Personality – Impassioned Soul

Lollipops, Poppies, Puggles, and Passion... If you know Laurie Maves and you hear those four words strung together, there is little doubt she is the topic of conversation, and likely includes talk of … [Read more...]

Social Media Magic Or Misfit?

Social Media Magic Or Misfit? Is Your Social Media Magic or Misfit? Some of the social media tools that entrepreneurs and businesses have access to these days are quite magical in nature. Auto … [Read more...]

WIN With The Women’s Information Network And Their Upcoming Event

WIN With The Women's Information Network And Their Upcoming Event "The Women's Event Of All Women's Events"   Paula Fellingham, The creator and CEO of The Women's Information Network … [Read more...]

TEEM, LLC Talks Talent – Blogs and Bio’s

Talent takes the stage with TEEM, LLC TEEM, LLC features independent artists from around the country and in your town. We live in times where talent has never been so easy to share, yet much of … [Read more...]

Reputation bares repeating – Brand your bragging rights.

Do your clients brag about you? Brand that reputation with Reputation Marketing. Clients make Reputation Marketing personal and powerful. What are your clients saying about your reputation on … [Read more...]