Virginia Treat,Mom, Model, and Mrs Idaho? Maybe!!!

Virginia Treat Revisited.... Virginia Treat - Featured artist of the month keeps us updated in whats been happening  Might have been easier to tell you what hasn't been going on in her life. Here … [Read more...]

Laurie Maves – Moving Hearts and Souls

Laurie Maves takes her art to new heights. Fraser CO - Elizabeth Kurtak Art Gallery to host a solo showing of Laurie Maves Fine Art Beginning Friday March 1 6:00 - 10:00 pm Wine … [Read more...]

Of David – Renewed and ready to rock their message.

Of David- TEEM, LLC Featured Artist of the Week - is fresh out of the studio and bringing a new Rock to how they Roll. Retooled and sporting a new rhythm section, Tony Delk and  Rex Salter are … [Read more...]

The Phoenix Vision – an EDM collaboration of sound and soul.

Dubokle - Omar Santana - Phoenix Vision - Dubokle - Denver EDM artist and Omar Santana Hard Hop innovator collide, and EDM rises to ignite your senses. The Phoenix Vision As with any art form, new … [Read more...]

Bootlegger – Just says underground in Denver’s EDM Scene

From Booze to Beats, bootleggers have thrived underground. Denver' very own Bootlegger - Ryan Reuting - inebriates the senses with intoxicating breaks and beats. The "Bootlegger" Ryan Reuting is … [Read more...]

The Human Being Manifesto! Heidi Stingl Adams and Her Driven Purpose With Dignity, Honor, and Respect

Be Sure To Look At The Human Being Manifesto as well. It Is A Great Site With tons Of Great Information and Affordable Programs … [Read more...]

A “GOO” Christmas to You. Give the gift of Mr Magoo.

[Read more...]

Laurie Maves – Infectious Personality – Impassioned Soul

Lollipops, Poppies, Puggles, and Passion... If you know Laurie Maves and you hear those four words strung together, there is little doubt she is the topic of conversation, and likely includes talk of … [Read more...]

Her spirit soars in front of the camera, Virginia Treat – Model and Mom

Modeling is new experience for Entrepreneur Mom. Virginia Treat, Idaho Mom and business woman adds another artistic notch to her belt. Virginia Treat is a special feature for Total Exposure … [Read more...]

TEEM, LLC Talks Talent – Blogs and Bio’s

Talent takes the stage with TEEM, LLC TEEM, LLC features independent artists from around the country and in your town. We live in times where talent has never been so easy to share, yet much of … [Read more...]