Is It Your Time For Video Debut? Get In The Spotlight!

Making your video debut is more than YouTube virility.

Video for social media has come a long way from the days of music videos and stupid people tricks.

Not long ago social video was the playground of aspiring artists, amazing pet tricks, adolescent stunts, and the “how to” video. Entertainment on the go. Useful information at your fingertips. Instant fame or notoriety for a few, and a shift in how we consume video content. While YouTube and DailyMotion still dominate the video distribution landscape, there are many players right on their heals. Live streaming is all the rage, bring live events to mobile devices across the globe. concerts and conferences often reach a majority of their audience remotely. We are becoming a visually engaged planet. Avoiding this does not stop the trend. Like all sub-components of social media for business, it’s happening and being a participant is critical to business survival.

Video consumption has been around since the advent of television and has historically been prohibitive for small business due to cost of both production and air time. The internet has

Small business video mktg

Video for Small Business is a must.

removed the airtime issue almost completely with more video is consumed on the internet than over the air broadcasts today. Production costs for HD fully produced content can still be costly, however most video these days is low-cost and can even be self-created. The diverse channels for delivery have also changed the way video is used by both consumers and businesses. Consider the ability to send video greetings in near real-time to prospects and clients after a meeting or networking event. Maybe you want to advise a client who will be stopping by for a service call by sending them a video appointment confirmation from the tech.

The noise in the digital world grows every day and we all face the possibility of being absorbed into the din of social information. Video is a good way to stay fresh and unique. Video for business does not have to be a full length commercial as Vine and Instagram have demonstrated. Short targeted video is a great entry point and well received in the social community. it also makes the fear of getting in front of the camera less scary for the newbie.

At TEEM, LLC we know the importance of video and we also know that video means more than YouTube. From upload to SEO, we know how to get your unique message placed and found in today’s visually centric world. Whether it be HD animation to targeted SMS video text, we can leverage your story to those that want to see it. As a small business staying in front of your audience is key and at TEEM, LLC that is our only mission; keeping your “In Front”.

Video has become the next “Just Do It” for small businesses. Let TEEM, LLC help you get it done.

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