The Great Twitter Hack – The good it does.

Twitter Hack – Burger King and Jeep the latest and most successful –

For the Brands?

Thank you LinkedIn

Thank you LinkedIn

Twitter account hijacking is not new – but with major brands being targeted, who is the winner?

Over the last 48 hours, two major brands have had their authorized Twitter accounts hacked and rival’s branding applied. A nightmare, Twitter hacked, Burger King sold to McDonald’s;  Jeep to Cadillac; the horror. Or is it? Reports show Burger Kings following up 30% and who knows what bounce Jeep may see. The odds are in their favor however. As the social world becomes more use to hacks, these more benign episodes become an opportunity for both the audience and the brand to kick their heels up. Don’t get me wrong, from a brand standpoint this is serious. Twitter, Burger King, and Jeep get a big thumbs up for their dealing with the situation. Even McDonald’s made the grade with their understanding and support of Burger King.

Shane Atchison CEO at POSSIBLE published a great article on LinkedIn today talking about the need for having a rapid response plan ready for just this type of thing. Being quick on your feet requires being prepared as Shane sites in his blog.  TEEM, LLC  recommends this article and concur with Shane’s insights.

At TEEM, LLC we speak about the importance of engaging with your audience from the beginning and establishing a trust and consistency that allows for incidents such as this to be not only manageable but productive and positive. The Twitter hacking of two major brands and the overall reaction of both the public and the brands goes to show that old-fashioned engagement even in the digital world is just good business and those that mess with it tend to see it boost the brand rather than tarnish it.


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