Step Up 2 the Mic to Set Your Social Stage

To Set Your Social Stage You Have to Be Willing to Step up to the Mic

Socially speaking, in order to get people to follow you, stepping up to the mic is the first step. You must be willing to get out of the box and take ownership of the real you. If people do not see who you really are, how are they to know if they really like you or want establish a two-way relationship with you? After all, relationships are what social media is all about right?

Set Your Social Stage

Set Your Social Stage

When setting your own stage keep in mind the importance of being completely honest and transparent. Honesty is not a challenge for me personally, but being politically correct for all parties on board has been in the past. Is this a problem that is detrimental to your success within the online social world? I would have to say in most cases…NO! Being real and relevant to the audience that you want to captivate is.

Look at it this way through the following example. If you were an accountability coach for businesses or entrepreneurs, and you were someone who delivered your message in a stern and hard-nosed way, the sensitive person that needed coddling to get through the daily challenges of business would more than likely not come to your stage.

Ask yourself a question…..If you were not yourself and were not honest with your audience, would you actually appreciate the followers that it attracted? Or would you just be creating more work for yourself to try to keep someone entertained?

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Morgan Brown; Co-Founder of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC

Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown-COO

I am the Co-Founder and C.O.O of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC. I am a father of two children, one boy and one girl who keeps me moving and shaking on a daily basis. My Family and the outdoors are my first loves, while social media and online marketing are a close second. I pride myself on always being a student of life, the industry, and the overwhelming urge to be as big of a “Class Clown” as possible where applicable.



About Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown is from Phoenix Arizona. As one of the Co-Founders Of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC ,Morgan adds value from a diverse background of sales, branding, and marketing experience. The sales background that Morgan comes from is the building industry which led to sales in the automotive industry. Through his years of experience he has learned that in business it is all about relationships and the trust that comes from those relationships is what makes sales and referral business happen. Morgan is a firm believer in the old-fashioned ways of business and the value that comes with it. He believes that starting off with a good brand, an honest and genuine approach, and a good firm hand shake will get you a long way especially when it is combined with today's new media marketing and branding techniques. As a sales and branding expert, Morgan began to study integration of branding and social media as well as different forms of internet marketing and has a strong knowledge of video implementation and Search Engine Optimization. Morgan and CEO Jim Earl had worked on some previous projects and eventually partnered together to put their collective knowledge to work with the foundation of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC.

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