Social Partnerships – They Just Make Social Sense

Social Partnerships are a great way to be more engaging.

Here is a quick question for our small and medium size businesses and entrepreneurs.  Do you know what your nearest business people do? Trick question!!! We are talking social media and social partnership. Do you know what the businesses around you are doing to engage their audience? Why should you care? For local owners it seems fairly intuitive that your neighbors audience just might be yours as well. Do the people who frequent the salon down the way, also stop into your coffee shop. Are the browsers at the second-hand apparel shop possibly in the mood for a bite and a beverage.

Being somewhat old school, I remember back to when every business on the block had the other businesses cards on the counter. Many still do. So why not share the same way on social.

Partnerships on social

Social Partnerships Work

As the internet continues to refine the search processes and the term Hyper-local becomes more relevant, reaching your targeted audience becomes more competitive. We can all use a little help from our friends.

You’re probably beginning to see the picture. If your fellow area businesses are drawing audiences in to their shop, they have done half the work for you. They are near, but are they interested. Likewise you reach out to your community but do you mention those other businesses who are in your proximity.

So just how do you go about getting started with such partnerships. First you must remind yourself over and over, social is about community more than about me. Second, did we say community. Get together with the businesses that you are open to partner with you on common social media objectives and audiences. Develop a common theme and method for attracting you audiences to you and your partners. There are several ways to accomplish common shares such as running offers at the same time. discounts at one reseller with the receipt from another. Common drawings and Give-aways.

Social Media is about what you share and who you reach. Reach is not some sacred list as prospect lists of the past were. Reach is about finding and sharing common community. I ask all you SMB purveyors, who is more common that the purveyor next door?

Are you open to social partnerships now? Make some!!!

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