Social Media Conflict Has a Way of Exploding in Your Face

Social Grenades…Conflict on Social Media has a way of Exploding Into Your Face

In the social world, there will always be conflict that arises and conversation will follow. Whether you are the one that caused it or not, it always has a way of exploding into your face. At TEEM LLC we like to stay conflict free for the most part, but we do encourage being yourself.

Social Grenades Engagement tips

Social Grenades Engagement tips

If you are someone who has no filter, and just says things as they come to mind, be prepared for the responses that come from those thoughts after they are posted on social media. Some may not like what you have to say. If something that you post is political or religious in nature be prepared to argue about it. There is always someone with the other side just waiting to chomp your head off.

As far as social media for business goes, which is the real reason for this blog post, the social grenades that we speak of are the bad practices of displaying publicly about the hard time you are having with a client. Publicly disrespecting a competitor can also be in the pile of Social grenades not to pick up and chuck over that wall. You see, All is fair in love and war, and anyone that knows anything about grenades will know that you have time to pick it up and throw it back. It will then most likely be exploding in your face.

With social media and everything internet, especially with business, just know that when something is put out there, it never goes away. Social Media, just like the news media does not like false or harsh information spread across its platforms. Publically speaking,(I know this may hurt) We as business owners need to be Politically Correct when we are in the public eye. When we are online, there is nothing more public than that.


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Morgan Brown; Co-Founder of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC

Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown-COO

I am the Co-Founder and C.O.O of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC. I am a father of two children, one boy and one girl who keeps me moving and shaking on a daily basis. My Family and the outdoors are my first loves, while social media and online marketing are a close second. I pride myself on always being a student of life, the industry, and the overwhelming urge to be as big of a “Class Clown” as possible where applicable.

About Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown is from Phoenix Arizona. As one of the Co-Founders Of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC ,Morgan adds value from a diverse background of sales, branding, and marketing experience. The sales background that Morgan comes from is the building industry which led to sales in the automotive industry. Through his years of experience he has learned that in business it is all about relationships and the trust that comes from those relationships is what makes sales and referral business happen. Morgan is a firm believer in the old-fashioned ways of business and the value that comes with it. He believes that starting off with a good brand, an honest and genuine approach, and a good firm hand shake will get you a long way especially when it is combined with today's new media marketing and branding techniques. As a sales and branding expert, Morgan began to study integration of branding and social media as well as different forms of internet marketing and has a strong knowledge of video implementation and Search Engine Optimization. Morgan and CEO Jim Earl had worked on some previous projects and eventually partnered together to put their collective knowledge to work with the foundation of Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing LLC.

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