Reputation bares repeating – Brand your bragging rights.

Do your clients brag about you? Brand that reputation with Reputation Marketing.

Clients make Reputation Marketing personal and powerful.

Reputation Marketing - Ultimate Branding

Reputation Marketing – Ultimate Branding

What are your clients saying about your reputation on the internet and on social media sights? Do you know?

There are several reasons why these questions about online reputation are relevant in today’s digital media marketplace. The most obvious is the fact that information moves so fast today, that not knowing what was is being said about you and your business today can make or break you tomorrow. A negative review or rant can leave you wondering why your business in slacking, a positive write-up can boost business with out even leaving a clue. I ask you, is this a prudent way of allowing fate to fill your coffers?

Reputation is the foundation for all relationships and it is never more true than in a business relationship. Whether you are an established business or just starting up, your reputation plays a big part in the traction you create or maintain. To many businesses, today either don’t realize, or flat-out ignore the power of the internet to either build or break down a solid reputation. Being aware of this fact is just the start to using your reputation to strengthen your brand and engage your audience.

Once a business owner understands this, the next step is to effectively and not obnoxiously create awareness of your reputation and how it impacts your audience, not only as a consumer of your good or service, but as a member of your unique community. Creating this community awareness can seem much like bragging in the beginning. There is discomfort in this notion for many, as bragging seems to indicate an arrogance many business owners shy away from.

As marketing professionals, we hear it everyday; Social Media is not about me, it’s about being social. We agree whole heartily, to a point. Here is a quick question for you. If you are not willing to blow your own horn why should your audience. Reputation marketing is the purest of all marketing forms. Creating relationships that are based on what you do not what you say are far more resilient. These are the relationships that grow your business by word of mouth repetition of your good reputation. Bragging on you – right? Exactly – so let’s get the party started with a little self promotion and reputation marketing.

Building on your good name is not bragging – It’s just good business.

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