Her spirit soars in front of the camera, Virginia Treat – Model and Mom

Modeling is new experience for Entrepreneur Mom.

Virginia Treat, Idaho Mom and business woman adds another artistic notch to her belt.

Virginia Treat is a special feature for Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing. As not only a friend but a former colleague of the executive staff at TEEM we are honored to share a small bit of her amazing talents.

Virginia Treat Model

Virginia Treat Aspiring Model

Virginia is a wife and mother to 4 wonderful children.On top of that Virginia is also full time Events and Marketing Manager for a performing arts venue and the CEO of Treats Marketing Solutions. If that isn’t enough to make Virginia a “SuperMom”, Virginia also attend Boise State University, recently finishing a degree in Entrepreneurial Management. Yes, Virginia is a busy woman who has passion for creativity that  needs to satisfied.

Creatively, Virginia is already known as a musician, author, artist, actress, dancer and now, model. Until recently Virginia’s  experience was basically some runway shows, television commercials, theater acting, and some dance.  Recently Virginia has worked with a number of very talented photographers in the Treasure Valley of Idaho in a collaborative effort for portfolio building and turning creative ideas into reality. Virginia fell in love with being the focal point. Her aspirations include more photo shoots both locally and abroad, should her fate allow. Virginia eagerly states. “I would love to travel, explore and meet new and interesting people”.

Virginia became involved in modeling in just this past year. During one of the many theatrical performances Virginia is involved with, she met a fellow actress, Charlotte Dietz. Virginia recalls, Charlotte was starting a group for models, photographers, and the like.

Virginia Treat by Redlight Photography

Virginia Treat by Redlight Photography

The group, called The Boise Model Menagerie (TBMM) is made up of local talent. Virginia let her interest in doing a photo shoot be known and it took off from there. Virginia describes an amazing journey. meeting so many wonderful, talented and creative individuals has been inspiring to her. You can see Virginia’s proud of this great community. She lights up when talking about everyone helping each other with self-confidence, motivation, creativity and so on.

Virginia sums it up well here:

“I love that I have met so many new creative people to share and learn with. Who knew there was so much that goes into capturing that perfect shot? There is lighting, angles, posing, background and more. After that comes the editing, spending time to make that image exactly the way they want it for their viewers. And during that time, for me anyway, the anticipation to see that final product is exciting. Knowing that I had a part, in that process, is rewarding. The world is so full of beautiful things and people. And when I speak of beauty, it is not just the outer appearance, but what is inside as well. Finding out what makes each person unique, embracing that and making that shine through. True beauty comes from within, to me anyway.” – Virginia Treat

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