Does Your Website Copy Pass The Test?

Does Your Website Copy Pass The Test? 11 Essentials For Creating A Client-capturing Website
By Helen Graves

Writing web copy is different from writing other material because people read websites differently than they do books, magazines or print ads. You’ve got about 5 seconds, tops, to catch your website visitor’s attention. And if what they read bores or confuses them, they’ll click that mouse button faster than you can say, “But wait…!”

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Re-posted by Jim Earl CEO TEEM LLC – Great post on Website attraction.

Yet most people don’t focus on the content of their site. Instead, they happily spend tons of money on fancy images and flashy graphics, thinking (mistakenly) that that’s what their visitors want. Au contraire, mon amie.

Your website visitor is pretty much interested in one thing – Do you have the solution they’re looking for? And they’re not going to find the answer to that question in the graphics. Nor is it likely to come from material written by someone inexperienced in writing website copy.

The truth is there is no factor more powerful for your bottom line than your copy. A well-done site truly can help grow your business. Use this checklist to see if your site content has what it takes to turn your visitor’s interest into action.

* Does it clearly identify your audience? This is one secret you don’t want to keep. Your visitor wants to know whether they belong there – or not.

* Does it have a bold, attention-grabbing headline that points toward the challenge your visitor is facing (and that you solve)?

* Does it create emotional connection with your visitor? It’s crucial to begin building a relationship with potential clients right from the outset.

* Is the content results-based and benefit-oriented? You want your visitor to have an immediate sense of the results they’ll get from working with you.

* Is the writing style conversational? It’s much easier to feel connection when the “voice” you’re reading is friendly and informal, rather than stilted and impersonal.

* Do you tell your visitor’s story – from the challenge they’re facing to you as solution? The whole thing is about them, not you (even your About Me page!).

* Does each page make the most of short, engaging writing to capture and keep their attention (not more than 350-500 words for Home page)? Every word should count.

* Do you have a clear objective for each page? Don’t leave your visitor guessing about what action you want them to take next. Spell it out and give them a plainly visible call-to-action button to click.

* Is the layout easily readable? Screen viewing tires the eye quickly. Use dark text on light background, colorful (but not dominating) images, bullet lists and short paragraphs to break up the text and lessen the eye strain.

* Do you have an opt in box with an enticing freebie to elicit their contact information (so you can maintain the connection you established with your website)?

* Do you maximize your use of testimonials? Real-life snippets of how you’ve helped others are not only deeply personal (there’s that sense of connection again), but also excellent vehicles for demonstrating the specific results you offer.

The content of your site is the key to turning interest into action. Make sure that yours sparkles. Your clients, and your business, will thank you.

(c) 2008 Helen Graves

About the Author: Helen Graves, the Upbeat Action Coach, shows solo entrepreneurs how to stop the struggle with marketing and grow their business the easy way. She sparks clarity, fun and excitement and is a catalyst for her clients’ growth. “Simplify Your Business in 6 Easy Steps,” audio


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