Digital Real Estate, Reaching Realtors Everywhere, Buyers, not so Much

Digital Real Estate  – use social media to create community first.

Buyers are one social media, so are Realtors. So why don’t they find common ground.

Real Estate continues to go digital, on-line, high tech. You get the picture. More and more everything about buying and selling a property has gone 21st century. Online and mobile tours with out even having to meet with a Realtor. Near Real Time listings posted to the social platforms. Digital support companies touting indexed IDX and MLS. The availability of digital solutions for real estate is as vast as nearly any other industry. Add to this the improving housing market, historically low-interest rates, and a shrinking

Realtors and SM

SM for Real Estate

inventory, and you have “Opportunity”. So why are so many Realtors falling short when it comes to leveraging social media? Lack of time and a misunderstanding of social in general.

Take a step back in time with me to a day before cell phones, video, and the Internet. Yes it did exist, and Realtors were public figures. Not famous or infamous as the case may be, but known in the community. They knew people who knew people and people knew them. They were relationship builders. They knew the communities wants and needs.

Jump back to today, How many Realtors do you know who can say that.  I am sure there are some but I imagine it’s fewer than it should be. The sad reality is that the art of community building has eluded many Realtors in todays digital world. Some agencies and professionals have tried to replace community with incentives, give-a ways, and gimmicks to draw buyers. In the end what builds real estate success is your network, not the shiniest of new tech or the speed in which you get a picture on FACEBOOK.

Over the next two weeks I will be examining the unique way that Real Estate professionals can change their focus from being “Property Posters” to genuine “Community Builders” using the various social platforms where your audience resides and how where you can create advocates for your unique business

I will leave you with one thought to ponder. What is more powerful, A post from your agency about a particular property, or a community of people having you look for the property they desire.

Follow us on FACEBOOK for the next segment in this series. We’ll be looking at the networking potential of Twitter and Pinterest when building an engaged real estate community.



Jim Earl – Jim is the co-founder and CEO of @TeemLLC. Jim’s experience included spending several years developing an understanding of the social and digital media environments that has become the foundation for what is today Total Exposure Entertainment Marketing, LLC.





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