Critical Thinking – Are you just reshaping the box?

Where has critical thinking gone?

Has the term “Think Outside the Box” become more a case of just reshaping it?

2012 is winding down; business owners and entrepreneurs are well into the planning stage for 2013. As TEEM, LLC was discussing our plans for 2013, the topic of critical thinking, or actually the lack there of came to the table. The topic came to the forefront because of several discussions we have had recently with direct sales and e-commerce prospects. The frustration exhibited when new ideas are presented can broach the point of being traumatic.

What is critical about your thinking?

What is critical about your thinking?

The conversation begins something like this. I attended, (or purchased) so and so’s course on fill in the blank, blog, social media, content, etc.. marketing. Their method is fool proof, if you don’t do this this way it won’t work. Don’t get me wrong, we love hearing that because we know this prospect needs help.

What is more disconcerting is the expectation that some of these courses and vendors set. When clients struggle the authors simply fall back on the “you didn’t follow the system exactly” fail. Too many take stock in the claim that ” You just need to think outside the box and you too can be successful”, only to find they just shape shifted the box the client is already in. The biggest short coming we find in many of these programs is the lack of encouraging real critical thinking. Indoctrination and repetition without original sense of personality or purpose. We often find this to be one of the biggest road blocks we encounter with prospects who have tried and failed at new media marketing.

Clearly this not just an issue in marketing or in business. With the amount of information available daily, uniqueness often fall prey to sameness, and critical review becomes more akin cursory consumption. Information becomes assimilated instead of dissected, and trends are adopted before they are analyzed. Critical thinking will set you apart in 2013. Dare to be a trend setter not a trend follower, just because So and so said it works.

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