Campfires, smores, and social media. It’s still in the storytelling!

Storytelling, the Not-So Ancient Art of Information Exchange

From the earliest cave drawings and petroglyph’s to modern 3D blockbusters, Storytelling is eternal.

The art of storytelling is as old as humanity, yet as fresh as the next best seller. The craft of storytelling has carried history forward, created legends and myths, scared us death, and warmed our hearts through the ages. Loyalties are fostered and enemies disdained through the exchange of stories, real or imagined. At one time or another we all have memories of sitting around a campfire, huddled around the Christmas tree or fireplace, or hanging out with friends and telling and listening to stories. Family gatherings are always good for that recalled embracing

Social storytelling for business

What’s your story? Storytelling works.

moment that lives on, not matter how hard the offending party protests. Storytelling, it touches our life every day from every direction. That means from brands and businesses too.

Think about your normal day. Brands are telling us stories every day; many better than others. It’s called marketing, branding, promotion, etc., but it’s still storytelling. From newsprint to radio to television, and now social media, brand’s telling stories is as old as storytelling itself. So what’s new or of value in this you ask? ┬áThe value is to get you, the local business owner asking yourself, What am I doing to tell my story today on social media?

Understand first, social media in many ways is not much different from print or over the air media. It’s a delivery method. How you use it is whats important. Social media is often misunderstood from a business perspective. Business often put the cart in front of the horse, soliciting likes and followers. Presenting their latest business product or service to who ever will click the appropriate action button. Let me ask you to disengage from the business side for a moment and ask you what does your story look like if this is your process? Desperate, Hurried, Spammy? Good at least you’re thinking about it now.

The good news, you can start telling your stories anytime, the sooner the better. The bad news, with so many social outlets and the different methods each use to deliver and rank content, knowing how to tell your story well is challenging at best.

What I find interesting in the world of social media and businesses is, they will spend thousands of dollars to get help telling their story in print and over the air media, both in decline, and think one, they can do it themselves on social media or even worse two they don’t think they need to tell their story at all on social media.

Storytelling is eternal for many reasons. If you’re not telling your story, your audience is listening to your competitors, and more often on social media.

Don’t let the next story told about your business be the one on how your competitors put you out of business. Start your success story on social media with TEEM, LLC


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