Bootlegger – Just says underground in Denver’s EDM Scene

From Booze to Beats, bootleggers have thrived underground.

Denver’ very own Bootlegger – Ryan Reuting – inebriates the senses with intoxicating breaks and beats.

The “Bootlegger” Ryan Reuting is hitting the EDM scene in Denver with a new EP in the works and some sick new tracks showing up on Soundcloud and  Reverbnation.

TEEM, LLC presents “The Bootlegger” – Our Featured Artist of the Week. This Denver EDM artist has been on TEEM, LLC’s radar since before TEEM, LLC was even a concept. Jim Earl, TEEM, LLC’s CEO has know this talent for several years and heard several collaborations he has done with Jim’s son, J-E-Z, also a known local EDM artist. We look for The Bootlegger to be mixing tracks for large crowds in Denver over the coming year.

The Bootlegger

The Bootlegger – Denver EDM Artist and Producer – Ryan Reuting.

Just who is The Bootlegger?

The Bootlegger (Ryan Reuting) first started mixing in Denver Colorado taking influences from the diverse and thriving underground dance scene. Inspired by artists like Uberzone, James Zabiela, Craig Richards, Phil K, etc., he began producing his own original tracks and mixes, focused on developing his own sound.

Ryan’s early electronic influences helped him develop a ear for production quality and the unique sounds he employs to create that “The Bootlegger” sound. Bootlegger immersed himself in Colorado’s thriving electronic music community, gradually incorporating complex break beats, turntables, and original digital music production into his live performances. Today his music is centered on his original tracks, collaborations, and good old fashion bootleg remixes.

While Bootleggers’ performances are heavily influenced by break beats, he is known to incorporate dubstep, electro and glitch, among other subgenres to create his signature sound and following. Ryan explains, “The main goal is always trying to stay current with new music while paying homage to the great dance classics.”

Staying current requires not only honing your skills but making it a habit of collecting cutting-edge equipment and software to enhance his live performances and studio sessions. Bootlegger feels at home whether in front of a set of decks or an array of digital and analogue gear made to destroy the dance floor.

No matter where “The Bootlegger” is crafting break beats and sick mixes, the mission –

leave the crowd with something they’ve never heard before.

Additional Info on “The Bootlegger and his affiliates.

2010:         Ryan Reuting, Co-Founded, with long-time friend Jonathan Fox; Kontact Productions L.L.C., with a mission to promote and host EDM events and to find a larger audience for our artists. Kontact Production L.L.C., is today helping expose Colorado’s urban art and music culture to a global audience.

2012:         Bootlegger was signed to a Denver based label called Elevated Movement Records. His Debut album is to be released early 2013.

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