Baseball and Business – Who’s keeping score?

Are you mindful your audience is keeping score?

And do you know how to use it to engage?

Baseball Like Business - are you really keeping score?

Baseball Like Business – are you really keeping score?

As a long time and “old school” baseball fan, this is the sport I am engaged in, I am keeping score. Yep, I still buy a score card and score the game,every pitch, testing my eye, my knowledge of the game and my opinion against that of the official score keeper. Hit or Error, Strike out – Swinging or looking? Every detail of the game is recounted by the scribbles of baseball code. To  those who know it, its like art. Every pitch, swing, out, double play, and substitution accounted for. Yes, there are those of us who engage in this ancient craft. I bring this up not because the baseball score keeping code is destined to fade into the book of lost script. I mention this because of the social lessons resident in the nature of how fans engage in baseball differently than other main stay sports like football, basketball, hockey, and soccer as it’s called in the U.S.

Baseball is unique, drawing you in both competitively and socially if you let it. Baseball connects fans to the game at a cerebral level when scoring a game and makes every pitch part of the experience.

Why is this important? Today’s digital world has made everyday in the life of a business like a baseball score card. Nearly every event or action a business engages in is now accounted for and documented in online code, blogs, tweets, etc. Just like on a baseball scorecard there are times when the difference between a hit and error is in the eye of the beholder. Did that unresolved customer service issue just skip bye and become a negative review posted everywhere?  With just a little more engagement could have been a big hit even a home run? Make no doubt about it your customers are using the internet and keeping score.

OK so now i have said the audience is keeping score. How does that help you? If my audience is keeping score I am going to ask them how they scored it and why. Listening to this feed back does two things. First gives them the opportunity to tell you if your on base with them or hitting nothing but foul balls. Second it allows you to explain the playing field and the rules of engagement so to speak. Many times a social difference in call is in the perception of the call. Bottom line if your audience is keeping score, which they are, they are engaged. Use it.

You’re the official scorekeeper if you think about it. In the end you, the business owner will determine if your actions were hits or errors. Your audience may not agree, just as I don’t always agree with the scorekeepers call. However my score sheet will reflect the official call. 

If you have ever scored a baseball game – every pitch; you know what i am talking about when I say you can recreate the game from one page. As a business owner, I understand that with today’s digital world, every hit and every error is documented and can be put back together. Your audience is keeping score, shouldn’t you?

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