Are old fashioned virtues be found in new media marketing?






As a seasoned marketer bridging the new media marketing gap has had it challenges. One evening not long ago I was talking with my father, who is 80, and a long time businessman from an age most of us have forgotten or only recollect from our formal educational experiences. First i have to say just to be able to share the time with my dad makes this a special post. The insights he shared made it a once in a lifetime conversation. Thanks you all for allowing me to share and indulge in the moment of my undoubtedly bias musings.

As most father, son sessions go this started no different. Pleasantries, hows business, the usual. Not long into our chat my dad asked me just how all this new media marketing fit into the actual business of business? To clarify my dads engagement in the internet age, does anybody remember Commodore computers. Enough said. He continued his inquiry with, I hear about this Twitter and Facebook, and Linking (LinkedIn) or some such. Followed by, It just seems like one big video game and a waste of time. I honestly thought about avoiding the conversation all together. Trying to explain the world of social media to someone who still believes you speak face to face, or by hand written letter if the prior is not an option, seemed daunting at best. I told myself I do this everyday. We can do this. So off I went on my what is new media marketing and social media 101.

To clarify, my dad has a good understanding of the internet and the basics of search engines. I began with Facebook and the principle of networking on a personal and business level. Then on to LinkedIn and the nature of the information exchange and networking there. Finally we got to Twitter and the nature of micro-blogs, attraction and content marketing. As you can imagine the time spent talking about these platforms, their uses, and applications went on for some time. Sharing the details of the conversation would only take up way to much time. To sum it up, I was indulged. We went round and round on the merits of new media, its purpose, and delivery. Content over quantity, relevance over hype, information versus indoctrination, all the nuances of basic relational marketing.

I wasn’t sure as the conversation began to wind down that I had really done my job well. My dad started his last sentence of this conversation with “Well son, seems to me you kids are finally getting back on track when it comes to marketing. He went on, you know the forgot about the relationship in the 80′s and 90′s it was all about the hype. Seems like someone figured out all you need is a utility pole to post a flyer, a bridge game or backyard cook-out see where your neighbors shop. Just seems to me your playing in a bigger yard.

Another teaching opportunity turned into a learning moment. Can new media marketing regain the old virtues we used to know in a simpler time? Maybe not completely, but remember relationships and content whether face to face or IP to IP will always be more valuable than hype. Engage, connect, share and care. Like my dad said the internet is just a bigger yard.

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