Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing – Your business on the move!

Out with the old and in with the new. Old, non technology based, marketing tactics  are not successful in this technology based society. Think about it, what can’t you do on a mobile phone these days? There are a ton of downloadable applications for a mobile device. So as a marketer, how do you catch up with technology, and successfully market to individuals that use their mobile devices for things other than making phone calls? Video Marketing Expert, Andrew Profita says, “Mobile Marketing with Video is the future.”

One effective Marketing approach would be to use Video in your Mobile Marketing Strategy. If you look at case studies, using Video in your marketing messages will engage and most likely convert more prospects into clients. This can include using Video on your website, in video e-mails, and in any other type of marketing strategies you implement. Since the use of Mobile phones have skyrocketed, the use if mobile e-mail has also drastically increased. So with the high number of people checking their e-mail from their mobile devices, the use of video in e-mail through Mobile devices makes obvious sense.

But, how do you implement a Mobile Video Marketing Strategy? Mobile encoding your videos will allow you to get off the ground with this strategy, or you could get a consultation by a company like TEEEM LLC. Essentially, you are reaching a larger audience, getting your videos viewed more, and receiving more of a response, which leads to more sales, because you are using a Mobile Video Marketing Strategy.

People always have three things with them; their wallet, car keys, and their mobile phone. So why wait for someone to check their e-mail from a computer, when you can reach them quicker and more effectively by using a mobile video marketing strategy. If over half of the population views most of their videos from (The worlds largest Video Community) using YouTube from their mobile device, a larger amount of your audience will view video from their e-mail, using their mobile device.

Why do I need the Power of Video Marketing?

With the power of video marketing it is easy to create interest and intrigue with video. It’s important to remember that as a business owner that we inform and entertain particularly if are trying to build a relationship. Using the Power of Video Marketing as follow up video is one way to make your business more successful and keep your name and marketing message in front of your potential clients.

  • Power of Video Marketing  to build intrigue and mystery and set the tone for the meeting to come.
  • Using a Pre-meeting video you engage the group you are meeting with and re affirm the meeting date.

This will help you target your market with a specific message before you meet with them and re affirm the meeting time and date.

Make your product or service stand out from the rest with the Power of Video Marketing, follow up video seminar training. Video Email for pre meeting follow up. Entertain, interesting and edutainment. Use video to build intrigue and mystery. The real Power of Video Marketing is videos capability of creating awareness to the viewer on multiple levels simultaneously.  Video campaigns should create awareness to the type of company being represented, types of products offered, and any other products or services.  Really Video Marketing is much more interactive than other media forms, the increased conversion is measurable and cost less per eyeball than any form of print media. That is the true Power of Video Marketing.



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