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Step Up 2 the Mic to Set Your Social Stage

To Set Your Social Stage You Have to Be Willing to Step up to the Mic Socially speaking, in order to get people to follow you, stepping up to the mic is the first step. You must be willing to get out … [Read more...]

The Social Wave Maker is a Single Drop of Content

Just a Drop of Content Could Start a Social Wave You may wonder how some figures on social media get so many followers. It seems that every time that you turn around, You see these people getting … [Read more...]

Social Media is a Journey of Enlightenment

Social Media Engagement with Your Audience Will Enlighten the Path for the Next Part of Your Journey Listen to what your audience is telling you. Social Media can not only be the right tool to add … [Read more...]

Social Credibility by Sharing Other Sources of Social Content

Social Credibility is Built With What You Share and Not What You Know You are awesome at what you do. You consider yourself to be one of the top businesses in your niche. Does that mean that you have … [Read more...]

Facebook Groups- Getting Your Spam On

Facebook Groups- Spammed in and Banned Out Facebook groups are a great way to build a community and attract like-minded people for your business or group venture. All too often though, as marketers … [Read more...]

Social Engagement is Some Times About You

Reflection and Recharging Means Engagement with Yourself Social engagement is some times about you. Everyone is busy trying to grow their business, run the house, and plan for things throughout the … [Read more...]

Social Media and Life is a Contact Sport. Get in the Game or Get Left Behind!

Social Media and Life is a Contact Sport. Get in the Game or Get Left Behind! Do you ever feel like you are being left behind in life? You are juggling everything all at once aren't you? Just like … [Read more...]

Social Endorsements…Know Me Before You Endorse Me/3 Tips

Social Endorsements...Know Me Before You Endorse Me Social endorsements are something that can get you some clout and recognition for what you do. The question is though, are the endorsements that … [Read more...]